Nick Fradiani – Guilford’s American Idol

Written By Chloe Gorman

GCTV Intern

May 1st, 2015, or “Fradiani Friday”, marked the day of Guilford’s own Idol hopeful, Nick Fradiani, and his much anticipated return to his hometown. The town was alight with energy as people from all over the state of Connecticut gathered downtown on our Green to celebrate the homecoming. The day started with Fradiani’s performance at Guilford High School, followed by a parade down Whitfield Street, and ultimately a concert on the Green. The streets were lined with fans anxious to catch a glimpse of Fradiani as he made his way through the town. One fan, Janette from Madison, said she had been watching the show since its inception and was thrilled to see someone local make it to the top four.

Thousands of onlookers flanked Whitfield Street to see the parade, which began at four o’clock, and then the concert that was set to start at around 4:30. Fradiani, along with his father and band, Beach Avenue, sang some original songs as well as songs which Fradiani covered on Idol. The crowd was enthusiastic and one could feel the massive amount of support for Fradiani during his performance.

GCTV was there to capture the day’s events with many local volunteers who worked tirelessly to gather footage and interviews.

The finale of American Idol was hosted in a two show platform that took place this past Tuesday and Wednesday. Fradiani was declared the winner on Wednesday, May 13th with much excitement and fanfare from his hometown.


One thought on “Nick Fradiani – Guilford’s American Idol”

  1. Loved the article about one of Guiford’s own success stories. American Idol has certainly left its mark for discovering new talent. The show will be missed.

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