GHS vs DHHS Quiz Bowl 5

DSCN4254 By Chloe Gorman

GCTV Intern

DSCN4234Sunday, May 17th, GCTV held the fifth annual Quiz Bowl, which was hosted and moderated by Joel Parker. The Quiz Bowl is a competition against two teams, Guilford and Daniel Hand High School, which answer various trivia questions. These questions range anywhere from the Civil War to math. Parker, who is a former educator, comes up with the questions himself using help from some online sources and fact checkers.

ThDSCN4239e Bowl consists of two rounds with five categories in each. The teams both have a chance to answer at least five questions out of eight in each category that are worth ten points, and a twenty point bonus question when the category is completed. The Bowl was fast paced and entertaining for those who were watching. Ultimately, GHS came out on top with a score of 540 points to Daniel Hand’s 410 points. The fifth bowl was filmed at GCTV’s studio with the help from local volunteers and interns.


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