GCTV Broadcast Update

Progress is being made with our Broadcast technology.  We are now able to broadcast programs again on all three channels and will resume regular scheduling of programming on the Wednesday cycle.

We continue to experience playback issues with the bulletin board for channel 18 and 19.

Specifically, we are aware that channel 19 has a wrapper with external content not created by GCTV or Guilford Public Schools.  We believe this is a demo mode to one of the system’s components, ChyTV.  Tightrope is looking into how to return bulletin board and program content to full screen broadcast.

Channel 18, when broadcasting bulletin board content, does so in greyscale.  Tightrope is exploring the cause of this issue and a solution.  Programming is not currently effected as that is broadcast in full color.

We will keep you posted as updates are made and hope to have all this resolved by the end of the week.  While it has taken some time to iron out these issues, Tightrope has been incredibly responsive in their support to GCTV in this matter.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.  Feel free to email us with any questions you may have. Info@guilfordtv.org


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