Coming in February to GCTV

February is shaping up to be a busy month at GCTV.  We will continue to receive and broadcast budget related programming, which will be made available on our Budget2017 Youtube playlist.  In This Together will be releasing a new episode in the series featuring the Sierra Club and is already making plans to go back into production to bring you more segments.

GCTV is proud to offer our support for a student pursuing the GHS Capstone project.  Work will not be finalized until May, but we look forward to sharing the final product with you.  We also invite any Guilford student whose class assignment involves video production to sign up for production time at GCTV!  You can make use of our studio, editing and field equipment to complete your assignment.  Just be sure to get in our calendar as soon as the assignment is put in your calendar.

Registration for the Student Video Contest closes this Sunday, February 5 2017 at 3:30pm.  All entries will then be forwarded to our community judges for review.  Look for an announcement toward the end of February about the 3 finalists.

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