Welcome to 2018

We hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year!  We have a lot of wonderful things coming up in 2018 and we don’t want you to miss out.

GCTV will be hosting its 3rd Annual Student Video Contest. Guilford students in grades 9-12 may submit videos for the contest between now and March 4th.

Media exploration opportunities at GCTV are limitless.  Guilford students and even college students can volunteer, intern and earn course credit.  Contact GCTV’s Station Manager, Shannon Gale, for more info.

We have some great new segments coming to broadcast in the coming months.  Spiritual Invitation with Carla Augustyn, Understanding Town Government, In This Together and the Traveling Epicurean have all been working on new episodes.  Shoreline Arts Alliance Spotlight on The Arts will be back and we hope to introduce a new series on The Odyssey.

There is always room for more here at GCTV.  More producers and productions, more volunteers and interns, more community involvement.  Please email us anytime to set up an appointment to learn more. info@guilfordtv.org


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