This is What Community Media Looks Like

Community media is media by and for the entire community, which is made up of people of all ages and skill levels and who are involved in a Media-You-Create_smvariety of interests and projects, possess knowledge in a variety of areas and have opinions about things that affect what matters most to them.  Community media is media by and for the community which means content is conceived, created and broadcast by you.

GCTV is a non-profit organization serving the entire community so that they may share knowledge, ideas, opinions and interests that others in the community may find interesting.  If you can think it up you can make it happen at GCTV!  Check out our YouTube channel to see what others have done, but know the only limit is your imagination.


GCTV’s mission is to provide equipment and training for community members to produce non-commercial programming to air on our broadcast stations and online. Use our equipment, your equipment or a mix of both to share your message.  We will train you and put you in touch with other community members who can assist you as well.  It has never been easier to share your story.

Support-GCTV-CarouselYou may have experienced GCTV as a producer, viewer, intern or volunteer. We thank you, the community, for your involvement on all levels.  We also ask that you consider making a donation to GCTV so we may continue to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology of today for both the production and broadcast side of our operations.  Every little bit helps.


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