Support GCTV’s 4th Annual Student Video Contest

GCTV needs your help to launch our 4th Annual Student Video Contest, offering local young people the opportunity to showcase their media talents. Like before, the contest will be open to Guilford students who are in grades 9-12. They do not need to be attending GHS – all high school age Guilford residents are welcome to participate.

Winners from the 3rd Annual Student Video Contest.

This year, GCTV is seeking community support for the contest. The producers of the top three videos are awarded a scholarship, which in years past has been funded by anonymous donors. This year’s funding goal is $2500. It is our hope that with community support we can increase the amount of scholarship money offered in this year’s contest from $1000 – $2000 and have some funds to rollover into the next year’s contest scholarship.


Please Contest-Winners_Masterconsider contributing to the Student Video Contest Scholarship fund. If GCTV is fortunate enough to exceed our funding goal of $2500 for this year all remaining funds will be carried over into the next year’s contest in 2020. If we meet our current bench mark of $1000 but do not reach the $2000 needed to double our scholarship then funds in excess of $1000 will carry over into next year’s contest.

Winners of the 2016 Student Video Contest

Please review our sponsorship levels. All contributions are appreciated and will be acknowledged as outlined below for the 2019 Student Video Contest.

The playlist below has individual student video submissions from the past three years, as well as the past three award ceremony videos.  Topics range from fiction and tourism to advocacy & commentary.  If one can think it up, one can make it happen at GCTV!

May / June Highlights

There is always something to watch on GCTV, whether browsing our three broadcast channels or searching through the over 1200 videos on our YouTube channel.

Here are some highlights of the programs submitted to GCTV by community members. Remember, anyone in the Guilford community can produce content for our channels.  All ages and skill levels are welcome.  We provide the training and equipment free of charge…though donations are always appreciated as they help us keep pace with evolving technology.