Producing and Submitting Political Advocacy Programs

Dear Guilford Community Members,

GCTV welcomes all community members, political parties, candidates, campaigns and supporters to use our facilities to communicate with the public during the upcoming election cycle.   To familiarize you with our policies and procedures, we have included links to our website where you can download our Policies and Procedures Manual as well as our Scheduling Guidelines. We also invite you to contact GCTV with any questions you may have regarding creating and broadcasting political advocacy programming.

GCTV has adopted guidelines for the broadcast of political advocacy programming to ensure that everyone who wants to communicate is able to do so in a fair and balanced manner, while minimizing disruption to other community programming.

Here are some excerpts from GCTV’s Policy & Procedures Manual concerning Political Advocacy Programming.  We encourage you to share these guidelines with party and campaign officials and anyone working on behalf of candidates.

2.9 ​       Political Advocacy Programming: Programming submitted by a political party or individual for the purpose of arguing for or against a ballot measure coming up on Town, State or National election and referendum dates. This includes election of public officials, budget referendums and any other ballot item which may be introduced for debate. – Political Advocacy Programming

​​      GCTV reserves the right to limit Political Advocacy programming to 3 play cycles per program.   GCTV reserves the right to give bipartisan programming the priority for additional runs.  An example of such programming is candidate debates where all political parties are equally represented.  Town meetings and programs produced by Guilford Public Schools and the Town of Guilford are not considered political advocacy programming.  Programs submitted by these two entities and their departments and commissions are considered official communication from the Town about Town and School business and are not subject to the restrictions of political programming.
4.2.8.​    GCTV reserves the right to remove all political advocacy programs on the night or broadcast cycle before an election or referendum.
​ Political advocacy programs submitted for On-Demand viewing will remain available for viewing and sharing until after the election or referendum.

We encourage you to read both documents in their entirety. All producers are subject to the policies regarding broadcast of programming and use of GCTV facilities.

Please feel free to contact GCTV’s Station Manager Shannon Gale with any questions you may have regarding GCTV policies.