GCTV Closed for Summer Break

GCTV will close August 26th – September 3rd for summer break and re-open for regular office hours on Tuesday September 4th.

With our broadcast channels restored after a recent power failure we will write the broadcast schedule to change at it’s usual time of 12am on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Look for announcements coming in September to march with GCTV in the Citizen’s Day Parade, news on the 2019 Student Video Contest, GCTV collaboration with Guilford Free Library and many more great programs from community producers like you!

Broadcast Channels Restored

Update 8/18/18

We have successfully restored function to all three channels. Unfortunately it appears there was some damage to our equipment.  While we assess the extent of the damage and next steps we would appreciate hearing from the community if anyone experiences any issues with receiving our broadcast on Comcast or Frontier.  If you see dark channels, or video with no audio or anything in general that does not look right please email us at info@guilfordtv.org  Please let us know the channel, show, day and time.  This information will help us troubleshoot any other issues that may present themselves.

A schedule has been published to run beginning tonight at midnight.  We will also be adding new content to our YouTube channel.  The shows continue to go on and there is always something to watch on GCTV!


GCTV has experienced a failure in one of the main power supplies that powers our broadcast equipment.  The result is that all three channels are currently dark.  We are working to restore functionality to the channels this weekend.

We have over 1200 videos available for viewing and sharing on our YouTube channel with new programs added weekly after their first broadcast.  In the event that restoring service to broadcast takes longer than planned we will upload all new programming with producer permission for internet to our YouTube channel so that it can be shared with the community in a timely manner.

We thank you for your patience and continued support.  Please feel free to email GCTV at info@guilfordtv.org with any questions or concerns.