Opportunities for Students At GCTV

GCTV invites students of all ages to contact us about internship opportunities in media production.  All ages are welcome and no experience is needed.  GCTV is a something for everyone organization and has facilitated skill growth in video production, graphic design, on-camera projects and even writing for our blog. If you are a Guilford student or know a Guilford student that has interest in any of these areas please contact Shannon Gale at info@guilfordtv.org to setup an interview and tour of the studio. Details on GCTV’s Internship Program can be found here.

GCTV will also launch registration for the 4th Annual Student Video contest in October.  This contest is open to Guilford students in grades 9-12.  The producers of the top 3 videos, as determined by our judges, will receive a scholarship which can be used for school or to advance their video production skills.  Details on the Student Video Contest can be found here.  Check back often as we will be posting registration packets on October 7th. Here is the video of the 2018 Awards Ceremony.

GCTV also offers opportunities for students to earn course credit.  Guilford students have produced Capstone projects through GCTV and college students have earned independent study credit through collaborating with GCTV.  If you think your school and advisors would support such collaboration for credit please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss options. Details can be found here.

Students and adults have earned community service hours for their work at GCTV.  School, church and even some employers require community service hours. Volunteering at GCTV is a great opportunity to give back to the community and learn new skills in the process.  Learn more about volunteering for community service hours.

Whatever brings you to GCTV we welcome you.  GCTV is media you create!