GCTV News – May 2019

GCTV will kick off it’s 2019 lecture series at the Guilford Free Library on Wednesday, May 8th with a presentation about using your mobile devices to make videos.  This is a topic that was addressed briefly as part of another presentation last year, but we wanted to create a dedicated presentation.  Mobile devices are used for so much more than just “talking on the phone” and their image capturing capabilities improve with each new release.

Mobile devices are a wonderful tool for community journalism and many of the standard practices of video composition apply when recording on mobile.  There are some things that are unique to working with mobile which this lecture will address. Check out this clip from last year.  We will revisit some of the things covered here in the upcoming lecture but invite you to come with questions of your own. You can register for this free lecture at the Guilford Free Library.

On May 29th we will return to the library with another lecture geared toward filming public events.  We will cover logistics, shot composition, securing permission of the speaker and also have a question and answer section.

The May broadcast schedule is active with new shows from The Traveling Epicurean, Women and Family Life Center, Guilford Rotary and CT Shoreline Indivisible.  We look forward to adding your show to the lineup soon!  Contact us to learn more about becoming a community producer.

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