GCTV To Upgrade Studio Equipment

logo_finalWe are very excited to announce our first studio equipment upgrade in almost 10 years.  Thanks to the generous support of the Guilford Foundation we will be replacing our studio cameras, and our video switcher.  The new video switcher will give us the ability to broadcast Live from the studio to internet based channels such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Periscope.  GCTV will also be replacing our 30+ year old intercom system that links camera crew and control room to each other during shoots.

We will be working on the upgrade during the month of August and early September and will be ready to produce new programs toward mid September. While our studio is under construction we will still be open for regular office hours for those who want to edit, sign out field equipment or discuss an upcoming project.

GCTV is Media You Create and now is the time to talk to us about your next project!