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GCTV is programming content by and for the community of Guilford, CT. Programs are aired first on our Comcast and Frontier channels. Community producers can opt-in to our online channel and have their programming posted to YouTube by GCTV after it has broadcast.

GCTV News – June 2019

June is half over but we have a lot going on here at GCTV.  Look for new episodes of Spiritual Invitation with Carla Augustyn and Expedition Earth with Scott Tucker.  Also, new segments from The Florence Griswold House will also be coming to broadcast as they highlight their upcoming Fragile Earth exhibit.  Of note, GCTV intern, Sam Stark is also interning with the Florence Griswold House.  We are so pleased to have him share his video production skills with other organizations and have that content shared on our channels.

On June 26th at 6:30pm GCTV Board Member, Al DiMarzio, will give a presentation at the Library entitled “Ready, Set, Go…Make Your Video”.  This free, 1 hour presentation will give an overview of the different types of cameras available for video production.  Point and shoot cameras, pro cameras, cell phones and DSLRs will be covered and the pros and cons of each will be discussed.  We hope you can join us for this informative presentation.  Please register at the Guilford Free Library.

Later this month we will be filming the 4th Annual Student Video Contest Awards Ceremony.  This will be held June 29th, 10am at the Guilford Free Library.  We hope you will join us as we introduce the producers of the top 3 videos, debut their work and announce the contest winner.  Please RSVP to



GCTV News – May 2019

GCTV will kick off it’s 2019 lecture series at the Guilford Free Library on Wednesday, May 8th with a presentation about using your mobile devices to make videos.  This is a topic that was addressed briefly as part of another presentation last year, but we wanted to create a dedicated presentation.  Mobile devices are used for so much more than just “talking on the phone” and their image capturing capabilities improve with each new release.

Mobile devices are a wonderful tool for community journalism and many of the standard practices of video composition apply when recording on mobile.  There are some things that are unique to working with mobile which this lecture will address. Check out this clip from last year.  We will revisit some of the things covered here in the upcoming lecture but invite you to come with questions of your own. You can register for this free lecture at the Guilford Free Library.

On May 29th we will return to the library with another lecture geared toward filming public events.  We will cover logistics, shot composition, securing permission of the speaker and also have a question and answer section.

The May broadcast schedule is active with new shows from The Traveling Epicurean, Women and Family Life Center, Guilford Rotary and CT Shoreline Indivisible.  We look forward to adding your show to the lineup soon!  Contact us to learn more about becoming a community producer.

A New Year & New Opportunities at GCTV

We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season and wish you a Happy New Year.  What did you resolve for 2019?  Was it to become more involved in the community?  Volunteer?  Learn a new skill? Stay better informed of local news?  GCTV can help you with all of that!

GCTV is Media You Create!  We offer free training and use of equipment to community producers looking to share local news, ideas and entertainment with the Guilford Community on our broadcast channels.  Use your equipment, our equipment or a mix of both.

There are plenty of ways to become involved at GCTV and, by extension, the Guilford Community.  Volunteers are needed in the studio and out in the field as well as for editing.  If working the technical side of things is not for you then maybe you are more comfortable in front of the camera. Start your own show or be a volunteer moderator for organizations looking to get information out to the public. Not sure where to start?  Contact us!

GCTV offers several opportunities for students of all ages.  Interning is a great way to add skills to a resume for college and careers in media production.  Students both in high school and college have earned course credit and community service hours for their time at GCTV.  High school students interested in testing their production skills can now register for the 2019 GCTV Student Video Contest.  GCTV will be giving away $1000 in scholarships to the producers of the top 3 videos. Student under the age of 11 are also welcomed at GCTV.  We have hosted group tours for cub scouts and worked with youth producers as young as 7 years old who wanted to learn how to storyboard and film their ideas.

Watch GCTV on our three cable channels.  Programming is changed three times per week with programs repeating every 3-4 hours per day.  Watch and share programming anywhere and anytime by subscribing for free to our YouTube channel. Programming is updated weekly.

We look forward to working with old friends and making many new ones in 2019!

Opportunities for Students At GCTV

GCTV invites students of all ages to contact us about internship opportunities in media production.  All ages are welcome and no experience is needed.  GCTV is a something for everyone organization and has facilitated skill growth in video production, graphic design, on-camera projects and even writing for our blog. If you are a Guilford student or know a Guilford student that has interest in any of these areas please contact Shannon Gale at to setup an interview and tour of the studio. Details on GCTV’s Internship Program can be found here.

GCTV will also launch registration for the 4th Annual Student Video contest in October.  This contest is open to Guilford students in grades 9-12.  The producers of the top 3 videos, as determined by our judges, will receive a scholarship which can be used for school or to advance their video production skills.  Details on the Student Video Contest can be found here.  Check back often as we will be posting registration packets on October 7th. Here is the video of the 2018 Awards Ceremony.

GCTV also offers opportunities for students to earn course credit.  Guilford students have produced Capstone projects through GCTV and college students have earned independent study credit through collaborating with GCTV.  If you think your school and advisors would support such collaboration for credit please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss options. Details can be found here.

Students and adults have earned community service hours for their work at GCTV.  School, church and even some employers require community service hours. Volunteering at GCTV is a great opportunity to give back to the community and learn new skills in the process.  Learn more about volunteering for community service hours.

Whatever brings you to GCTV we welcome you.  GCTV is media you create!

GCTV Closed for Summer Break

GCTV will close August 26th – September 3rd for summer break and re-open for regular office hours on Tuesday September 4th.

With our broadcast channels restored after a recent power failure we will write the broadcast schedule to change at it’s usual time of 12am on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Look for announcements coming in September to march with GCTV in the Citizen’s Day Parade, news on the 2019 Student Video Contest, GCTV collaboration with Guilford Free Library and many more great programs from community producers like you!

Broadcast Channels Restored

Update 8/18/18

We have successfully restored function to all three channels. Unfortunately it appears there was some damage to our equipment.  While we assess the extent of the damage and next steps we would appreciate hearing from the community if anyone experiences any issues with receiving our broadcast on Comcast or Frontier.  If you see dark channels, or video with no audio or anything in general that does not look right please email us at  Please let us know the channel, show, day and time.  This information will help us troubleshoot any other issues that may present themselves.

A schedule has been published to run beginning tonight at midnight.  We will also be adding new content to our YouTube channel.  The shows continue to go on and there is always something to watch on GCTV!


GCTV has experienced a failure in one of the main power supplies that powers our broadcast equipment.  The result is that all three channels are currently dark.  We are working to restore functionality to the channels this weekend.

We have over 1200 videos available for viewing and sharing on our YouTube channel with new programs added weekly after their first broadcast.  In the event that restoring service to broadcast takes longer than planned we will upload all new programming with producer permission for internet to our YouTube channel so that it can be shared with the community in a timely manner.

We thank you for your patience and continued support.  Please feel free to email GCTV at with any questions or concerns.

Producing and Submitting Political Advocacy Programs

Dear Guilford Community Members,

GCTV welcomes all community members, political parties, candidates, campaigns and supporters to use our facilities to communicate with the public during the upcoming election cycle.   To familiarize you with our policies and procedures, we have included links to our website where you can download our Policies and Procedures Manual as well as our Scheduling Guidelines. We also invite you to contact GCTV with any questions you may have regarding creating and broadcasting political advocacy programming.

GCTV has adopted guidelines for the broadcast of political advocacy programming to ensure that everyone who wants to communicate is able to do so in a fair and balanced manner, while minimizing disruption to other community programming.

Here are some excerpts from GCTV’s Policy & Procedures Manual concerning Political Advocacy Programming.  We encourage you to share these guidelines with party and campaign officials and anyone working on behalf of candidates.

2.9 ​       Political Advocacy Programming: Programming submitted by a political party or individual for the purpose of arguing for or against a ballot measure coming up on Town, State or National election and referendum dates. This includes election of public officials, budget referendums and any other ballot item which may be introduced for debate. – Political Advocacy Programming

​​      GCTV reserves the right to limit Political Advocacy programming to 3 play cycles per program.   GCTV reserves the right to give bipartisan programming the priority for additional runs.  An example of such programming is candidate debates where all political parties are equally represented.  Town meetings and programs produced by Guilford Public Schools and the Town of Guilford are not considered political advocacy programming.  Programs submitted by these two entities and their departments and commissions are considered official communication from the Town about Town and School business and are not subject to the restrictions of political programming.
4.2.8.​    GCTV reserves the right to remove all political advocacy programs on the night or broadcast cycle before an election or referendum.
​ Political advocacy programs submitted for On-Demand viewing will remain available for viewing and sharing until after the election or referendum.

We encourage you to read both documents in their entirety. All producers are subject to the policies regarding broadcast of programming and use of GCTV facilities.

Please feel free to contact GCTV’s Station Manager Shannon Gale with any questions you may have regarding GCTV policies.