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GCTV is programming content by and for the community of Guilford, CT. Programs are aired first on our Comcast and Frontier channels. Community producers can opt-in to our online channel and have their programming posted to YouTube by GCTV after it has broadcast.

Technical Issues with GCTV Broadcast

GCTV has been in contact with Tightrope media regarding technical issues which are affecting both bulletin board and program playback on all three channels in some capacity.

Specifically, we are aware that channel 18 is currently not operational.  While channel 19 seems to be functioning correctly we are aware that it’s bulletin board does not always display properly.  We are also aware of bulletin board display issues with channel 20.

Tightrope indicates they are aware of an issue with a component of our setup that has also affected other stations.  They are looking into that as well looking directly at our computers to resolve the issue.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at


Guilford Town Meetings – More Ways to Watch & Share

If you are having trouble making it to all the Town meetings in Guilford, don’t worry!  Many town meetings, such as Boards of Finance, Selectmen & Education are broadcast on GCTV the same week they take place. PZC and Parks & Rec meetings are also broadcast on our Government channel.

Miss a broadcast?  Need to review something again?  No problem!  GCTV maintains an online archive of these meetings dating back to 2013.  Check out our BOS playlist.  Browse our YouTube Channel for other town meeting playlists and to watch other community produced programming.  Share a video or entire playlist with people you know might be interested.

Autism Awareness Chapter 12: Changes & Challenges

New to GCTV’s Health & Wellness playlist is a new chapter in the Autism Awareness series produced by Guilford resident, Tony Fappiano.  We encourage you to share this video with anyone who might be interested in learning more about the changes and challenges facing those with Autism.

This program as well as the other 500+ programs you will find on GCTV’s online channel were produced by community producers; volunteers who received free training and access to GCTV’s equipment to producer informative content for their community.  GCTV invites any Guilford community member to contact us to learn more about becoming a volunteer producer or crew member.

GCTV Broadcast Schedule for 6/17 & 6/18

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 6.40.42 PM

Lots of new programs coming to the GCTV broadcast schedule starting tonight at midnight.  Autism Chapter 12, Volvo Ocean Race, Bethel and new town meetings.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 6.42.15 PMBe sure to check our Youtube channel on Sundays after 6pm for new content uploads.  Only programs with producer permission are added to the YouTube channel after broadcast.  If you enjoy a program please like it, share it or leave a comment.  GCTV producers are all volunteers in the community and appreciate hearing from viewers.

GHS vs DHHS Quiz Bowl 5

DSCN4254 By Chloe Gorman

GCTV Intern

DSCN4234Sunday, May 17th, GCTV held the fifth annual Quiz Bowl, which was hosted and moderated by Joel Parker. The Quiz Bowl is a competition against two teams, Guilford and Daniel Hand High School, which answer various trivia questions. These questions range anywhere from the Civil War to math. Parker, who is a former educator, comes up with the questions himself using help from some online sources and fact checkers.

ThDSCN4239e Bowl consists of two rounds with five categories in each. The teams both have a chance to answer at least five questions out of eight in each category that are worth ten points, and a twenty point bonus question when the category is completed. The Bowl was fast paced and entertaining for those who were watching. Ultimately, GHS came out on top with a score of 540 points to Daniel Hand’s 410 points. The fifth bowl was filmed at GCTV’s studio with the help from local volunteers and interns.

Nick Fradiani – Guilford’s American Idol

Written By Chloe Gorman

GCTV Intern

May 1st, 2015, or “Fradiani Friday”, marked the day of Guilford’s own Idol hopeful, Nick Fradiani, and his much anticipated return to his hometown. The town was alight with energy as people from all over the state of Connecticut gathered downtown on our Green to celebrate the homecoming. The day started with Fradiani’s performance at Guilford High School, followed by a parade down Whitfield Street, and ultimately a concert on the Green. The streets were lined with fans anxious to catch a glimpse of Fradiani as he made his way through the town. One fan, Janette from Madison, said she had been watching the show since its inception and was thrilled to see someone local make it to the top four.

Thousands of onlookers flanked Whitfield Street to see the parade, which began at four o’clock, and then the concert that was set to start at around 4:30. Fradiani, along with his father and band, Beach Avenue, sang some original songs as well as songs which Fradiani covered on Idol. The crowd was enthusiastic and one could feel the massive amount of support for Fradiani during his performance.

GCTV was there to capture the day’s events with many local volunteers who worked tirelessly to gather footage and interviews.

The finale of American Idol was hosted in a two show platform that took place this past Tuesday and Wednesday. Fradiani was declared the winner on Wednesday, May 13th with much excitement and fanfare from his hometown.