Weekend Program Schedule

We have a new schedule that starts at midnight tonight and changes again at 12:01am Sunday.  Look for Town Meeting to Move Budget to Referendum, new sermons from Bethel and Words for Life, and more chances to watch Expedition New England, Guilford Poet’s Guild, local comedy and culinary arts.


New Program Schedule

A new program schedule starts tonight at midnight!  Look for news about a Small Business Symposium, a new Sunday Service from the First Baptist Church, new BOE, BOS and Park & Recreation meetings and more chances to catch up on upcoming events, Expedition New England and health news.

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Happening at GCTV This Week

IIMG_0158t’s a busy production week, both in the studio and out in the field.  The community producers are busy gathering footage of poetry readings, farming activities, local bands and flower expos.  Coming from our studio will be Budget 2015 news and information from the Economic Development Commission.  Look for more great programming from Shoreline Eldercare Alliance and Sunday Services from Bethel Assembly of God.

IMG_0663All of this programming is produced by Guilford Community members with crew assistance from community volunteers and interns.  Anyone living or working in Guilford, CT can get involved with GCTV as a producer, volunteer crew member or intern.  Inquire at info@guilfordtv.org.