GCTV is Looking for Student Interns & Volunteers

As students head back to school the to do list will fill up with school projects, extra-curricular activities, required community service and the search for new opportunities to explore.

GCTV is holding an Intern Open House on Sunday, September 10 from 1-3pm at our studio.  Station Manager, Shannon Gale, will be discussing upcoming production opportunities including a youth-led tv series, a trip to the UN and other volunteer opportunities.

GCTV is a something for everyone organization and is currently looking for students interested in volunteering and interning.  Whether you are interested in behind the scenes camera and editing work, honing your stage presence or want help us with our social media presence, there is a place for you at GCTV.  Earn community service credit, produce your GHS Capstone Project, or gain experience for your resume.

Visit the Facebook event for full details on our Intern Open House.



Available on GCTV Broadcast & Online

This summer has seen the production of some great local programs ranging in topics from culinary creations and current social issues to golf, fireworks and ticks.

Still playing on GCTV broadcast and available online with producer permission, check out some of the latest programs created by and for the Guilford Community.




GCTV Open for Business

GCTV will resume regular office hours starting Sunday 6/25/17.  Our air conditioning was repaired on Wednesday.  While we are waiting for a more permanent fix to the problem, we hope to not have any other unplanned interruptions.

We will be closed July 2-4, but will be open for regular office hours on July 6.

Our weekend program schedule has some great new programs from CT Shoreline Indivisible and the Town of Guilford.  In the coming weeks we should be receiving another episode of Living with Wildlife and more new programs from CT Shoreline Indivisible and Guilford Rotary.  We will also be airing our very first Capstone presentation, 7 Days of Healthy Eating, by Anna Reagle.  GCTV is a proud technical advisor to this year-long project.  Look for it next week on GCTV Broascast!

New programs will be uploaded to our YouTube channel by 6pm on Sunday.

Please feel free to contact Station Manager, Shannon Gale, with any questions.  info@guilfordtv.org


GCTV Open By Appointment Only

Until further notice GCTV’s facilities will be open by appointment only.  Our air conditioning unit has failed and is beyond repair.  Until a new unit can be installed GCTV will operate by appointment only.

Any studio shoots will be scheduled as field programs off site.  New programs can continue to be submitted in the usual manner and the broadcast schedule will continue to be updated regularly.  Editing time will be scheduled as needed.

All questions and requests for equipment and facility time can be directed to Station Manager, Shannon Gale, via email at info@guilfordtv.org






Broadcast Update

We are pleased to say that Comcast channel 19 is now up and running.

We will be performing some technical maintenance in the near future which will require the channels to be dark for a very brief period of time.  We will post an announcement as to the date and time that will occur.

There are several programs in post production and even more planned for production in the coming month including Indivisible CT, Guilford Rotary, Guilford Community Fund and a new video coming from the Living With Wildlife series.

Stay tuned to GCTV Broadcast, subscribe to GCTV on YouTube and follow GCTV on Facebook for all the latest updates on media produced by and for Guilford.

An Update to Technical Issues in Broadcast

Yesterday GCTV posted a message on our Facebook page indicating that all three channels were down and we working to restore partial functionality by Wednesday.

We are happy to report that we have restored full functionality to channels 18 and 20 and have published a new broadcast schedule for the Wednesday / Thursday play cycle.

Channel 19 remains down and will be dark until we receive the part we need to get it functioning again.

BOE meetings will be aired on channel 20 as well as school board announcements until function is returned to channel 19.

If you have any questions please feel free to email GCTV at info@guilfordtv.org

2017 Student Video Contest

On March 26, 2017 GCTV awarded our second group of students with the top three spots in GCTV’s student video contest.  The topic matter was diverse providing information, entertainment and thought provoking content to our broadcast channels.

If you have not yet seen the broadcast of the awards ceremony please take a few moments to watch now.  If you know of any high school students in Guilford who have a love of video production please encourage them to stay in touch with GCTV.  We are currently planning to open registration for the 2018 contest in the fall.