Producing and Submitting Political Advocacy Programs

Dear Guilford Community Members,

GCTV welcomes all community members, political parties, candidates, campaigns and supporters to use our facilities to communicate with the public during the upcoming election cycle.   To familiarize you with our policies and procedures, we have included links to our website where you can download our Policies and Procedures Manual as well as our Scheduling Guidelines. We also invite you to contact GCTV with any questions you may have regarding creating and broadcasting political advocacy programming.

GCTV has adopted guidelines for the broadcast of political advocacy programming to ensure that everyone who wants to communicate is able to do so in a fair and balanced manner, while minimizing disruption to other community programming.

Here are some excerpts from GCTV’s Policy & Procedures Manual concerning Political Advocacy Programming.  We encourage you to share these guidelines with party and campaign officials and anyone working on behalf of candidates.

2.9 ​       Political Advocacy Programming: Programming submitted by a political party or individual for the purpose of arguing for or against a ballot measure coming up on Town, State or National election and referendum dates. This includes election of public officials, budget referendums and any other ballot item which may be introduced for debate. – Political Advocacy Programming

​​      GCTV reserves the right to limit Political Advocacy programming to 3 play cycles per program.   GCTV reserves the right to give bipartisan programming the priority for additional runs.  An example of such programming is candidate debates where all political parties are equally represented.  Town meetings and programs produced by Guilford Public Schools and the Town of Guilford are not considered political advocacy programming.  Programs submitted by these two entities and their departments and commissions are considered official communication from the Town about Town and School business and are not subject to the restrictions of political programming.
4.2.8.​    GCTV reserves the right to remove all political advocacy programs on the night or broadcast cycle before an election or referendum.
​ Political advocacy programs submitted for On-Demand viewing will remain available for viewing and sharing until after the election or referendum.

We encourage you to read both documents in their entirety. All producers are subject to the policies regarding broadcast of programming and use of GCTV facilities.

Please feel free to contact GCTV’s Station Manager Shannon Gale with any questions you may have regarding GCTV policies.

Support GCTV’s 4th Annual Student Video Contest

GCTV needs your help to launch our 4th Annual Student Video Contest, offering local young people the opportunity to showcase their media talents. Like before, the contest will be open to Guilford students who are in grades 9-12. They do not need to be attending GHS – all high school age Guilford residents are welcome to participate.

Winners from the 3rd Annual Student Video Contest.

This year, GCTV is seeking community support for the contest. The producers of the top three videos are awarded a scholarship, which in years past has been funded by anonymous donors. This year’s funding goal is $2500. It is our hope that with community support we can increase the amount of scholarship money offered in this year’s contest from $1000 – $2000 and have some funds to rollover into the next year’s contest scholarship.


Please Contest-Winners_Masterconsider contributing to the Student Video Contest Scholarship fund. If GCTV is fortunate enough to exceed our funding goal of $2500 for this year all remaining funds will be carried over into the next year’s contest in 2020. If we meet our current bench mark of $1000 but do not reach the $2000 needed to double our scholarship then funds in excess of $1000 will carry over into next year’s contest.

Winners of the 2016 Student Video Contest

Please review our sponsorship levels. All contributions are appreciated and will be acknowledged as outlined below for the 2019 Student Video Contest.

The playlist below has individual student video submissions from the past three years, as well as the past three award ceremony videos.  Topics range from fiction and tourism to advocacy & commentary.  If one can think it up, one can make it happen at GCTV!

May / June Highlights

There is always something to watch on GCTV, whether browsing our three broadcast channels or searching through the over 1200 videos on our YouTube channel.

Here are some highlights of the programs submitted to GCTV by community members. Remember, anyone in the Guilford community can produce content for our channels.  All ages and skill levels are welcome.  We provide the training and equipment free of charge…though donations are always appreciated as they help us keep pace with evolving technology.

GCTV Closed Memorial Day Weekend

GCTV will be closed for the Memorial Day Weekend from Sunday, May 27th through Tuesday, May 29th.  We will re-open for regular office hours on Thursday, May 31st.

The program schedule will continue to change at the usual times as we will schedule in advance.  And please remember you can always check us out on our YouTube channel to view over 1000 archived videos.

There is always something to watch on GCTV!

April Highlights

While spring was slow to make an entrance this month community volunteers were busy filming community events.  Below is just a sample of programs broadcast on GCTV this month and also available on our YouTube channel.  Watch. Share. Enjoy.  And remember, you can do this too!  We will train you and look forward to seeing your video up here soon!


This is What Community Media Looks Like

Community media is media by and for the entire community, which is made up of people of all ages and skill levels and who are involved in a Media-You-Create_smvariety of interests and projects, possess knowledge in a variety of areas and have opinions about things that affect what matters most to them.  Community media is media by and for the community which means content is conceived, created and broadcast by you.

GCTV is a non-profit organization serving the entire community so that they may share knowledge, ideas, opinions and interests that others in the community may find interesting.  If you can think it up you can make it happen at GCTV!  Check out our YouTube channel to see what others have done, but know the only limit is your imagination.


GCTV’s mission is to provide equipment and training for community members to produce non-commercial programming to air on our broadcast stations and online. Use our equipment, your equipment or a mix of both to share your message.  We will train you and put you in touch with other community members who can assist you as well.  It has never been easier to share your story.

Support-GCTV-CarouselYou may have experienced GCTV as a producer, viewer, intern or volunteer. We thank you, the community, for your involvement on all levels.  We also ask that you consider making a donation to GCTV so we may continue to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology of today for both the production and broadcast side of our operations.  Every little bit helps.


New Channels for GCTV on Frontier

Attention Frontier customers!  GCTV has new channel designations to share with you.

  • GCTV Public channel is now 6027
  • GCTV Education channel is now 6028
  • GCTV Government channel is now 6029

This is a welcomed change from the previous method of finding GCTV where you had to scroll through menus and sub-menus to find and switch between our three channels.

So go ahead and change that channel to GCTV!

Save it as your favorites and even record something to DVR. Stay tuned for more media by and for Guilford.


Social Advocacy, Culinary Delights & Budget Insights

In this New Year we have seen some great new community programs come through our doors for broadcast.  Much of what has been submitted has also come with permission for GCTV to post the videos to our YouTube channel.

New programs from In This Together, The New Haven Pride Center, The Traveling Epicurean and many hearings from The Town of Guilford on the upcoming budget referendum are available for viewing and sharing.  We have included links to some of the newest segments below, but we encourage readers to visit our YouTube channel to search over 1000 videos organized among 25+ playlists.

If you enjoy 24/7 access to community news and entertainment on both our broadcast and internet channels please consider donating to GCTV. Your support will help us keep pace with the changing broadcast and production technology needed to run this community media station.

Welcome to 2018

We hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year!  We have a lot of wonderful things coming up in 2018 and we don’t want you to miss out.

GCTV will be hosting its 3rd Annual Student Video Contest. Guilford students in grades 9-12 may submit videos for the contest between now and March 4th.

Media exploration opportunities at GCTV are limitless.  Guilford students and even college students can volunteer, intern and earn course credit.  Contact GCTV’s Station Manager, Shannon Gale, for more info.

We have some great new segments coming to broadcast in the coming months.  Spiritual Invitation with Carla Augustyn, Understanding Town Government, In This Together and the Traveling Epicurean have all been working on new episodes.  Shoreline Arts Alliance Spotlight on The Arts will be back and we hope to introduce a new series on The Odyssey.

There is always room for more here at GCTV.  More producers and productions, more volunteers and interns, more community involvement.  Please email us anytime to set up an appointment to learn more.


Content Created By & For the Guilford Community