Broadcast Update

We are pleased to say that Comcast channel 19 is now up and running.

We will be performing some technical maintenance in the near future which will require the channels to be dark for a very brief period of time.  We will post an announcement as to the date and time that will occur.

There are several programs in post production and even more planned for production in the coming month including Indivisible CT, Guilford Rotary, Guilford Community Fund and a new video coming from the Living With Wildlife series.

Stay tuned to GCTV Broadcast, subscribe to GCTV on YouTube and follow GCTV on Facebook for all the latest updates on media produced by and for Guilford.


An Update to Technical Issues in Broadcast

Yesterday GCTV posted a message on our Facebook page indicating that all three channels were down and we working to restore partial functionality by Wednesday.

We are happy to report that we have restored full functionality to channels 18 and 20 and have published a new broadcast schedule for the Wednesday / Thursday play cycle.

Channel 19 remains down and will be dark until we receive the part we need to get it functioning again.

BOE meetings will be aired on channel 20 as well as school board announcements until function is returned to channel 19.

If you have any questions please feel free to email GCTV at

2017 Student Video Contest

On March 26, 2017 GCTV awarded our second group of students with the top three spots in GCTV’s student video contest.  The topic matter was diverse providing information, entertainment and thought provoking content to our broadcast channels.

If you have not yet seen the broadcast of the awards ceremony please take a few moments to watch now.  If you know of any high school students in Guilford who have a love of video production please encourage them to stay in touch with GCTV.  We are currently planning to open registration for the 2018 contest in the fall.

New Content on GCTV

We saw a lot of new programs on the air this month and have even more to come in March.  Look for the IRIS presentation, Building Code Board of Appeals, new segments from In This Together and Spiritual Invitation with Carla Augustyn.

The three finalists in the GCTV Student Video Contest have been announced and we are finalizing plans for a studio shoot to unveil their ranking in the contest.  Like last year, finalists may invite family and friends to participate in a live studio audience during the filming.  We plan to broadcast the studio production sometime in April.  Videos that did not make the top three will be aired after the award ceremony.

We leave you with some highlights from February’s broadcasts and look forward to bringing you some new programs soon.



Coming in February to GCTV

February is shaping up to be a busy month at GCTV.  We will continue to receive and broadcast budget related programming, which will be made available on our Budget2017 Youtube playlist.  In This Together will be releasing a new episode in the series featuring the Sierra Club and is already making plans to go back into production to bring you more segments.

GCTV is proud to offer our support for a student pursuing the GHS Capstone project.  Work will not be finalized until May, but we look forward to sharing the final product with you.  We also invite any Guilford student whose class assignment involves video production to sign up for production time at GCTV!  You can make use of our studio, editing and field equipment to complete your assignment.  Just be sure to get in our calendar as soon as the assignment is put in your calendar.

Registration for the Student Video Contest closes this Sunday, February 5 2017 at 3:30pm.  All entries will then be forwarded to our community judges for review.  Look for an announcement toward the end of February about the 3 finalists.

Intern News

Summers, compared to the rest of the year, are typically slow at GCTV.  School is out, families go on vacation and the warm weather has producers thinking about anything other than video production. This summer, however, has been busy.

GCTV has 6 interns working for us.  What are they doing for a studio that is in its slow season?  Each intern has a mission: develop a project of their choosing or reach out to a local non-profit and work with them to produce a PSA about their organization.

This summer we have students working with SARAH and Shoreline Arts.  We have interns planning an orientation video to prepare freshman getting ready to enter high school and we have interns planning videos on a variety of social issues.

The interns come to GCTV to learn about video production.  GCTV exists to broadcast local programming, which we have more of largely because of student involvement in providing technical assistance to our producers.  We are proud to be a venue that facilitates students transition into the role of producer as they learn to develop their own ideas into programming for their community.

There is always something to do at GCTV and always room for more interns, producers and volunteers.

Email to get involved.