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How Well Do You Understand Guilford Town Government

Guilford community producer Dennis Dostert just released video #5 in his series, “Understanding Town Government”.

This episode focuses on Guilford Parks and Recreation Department.  You can watch this episode and all others on GCTV’s Youtube channel.

New Content Now Online

New content has been added to GCTV’s YouTube channel today.  Get gavel to gavel coverage of last week’s BOS, PZC and Parks & Recreation meetings.  Also look for new programming on our Health & Wellness playlist.

Please consider sharing the programs and playlists you find most informative and enjoyable so that other community members can learn where to access this content.


Weekend Broadcast Schedule

New programming is coming to the weekend broadcast starting tonight at midnight.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 7.34.34 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-23 at 7.33.11 PMShoreline Eldercare Alliance has a new program out on better hearing and Bethel and First Baptist Church both have new sermons. There is plenty of poetry and music on this weekend’s schedule along with some comedy and more chances to catch up on Town meetings.

Programming with producer permission will be uploaded to our YouTube channel on Sunday for viewing and sharing with anyone who is interested in Guilford news and events.

GCTV Broadcast Schedule

GCTV’s broadcast schedule for Wednesday and Thursday feature new BOF and BOS meetings and new Sunday sermons from First Baptist Church and Words for Life.

There will also be more chances to learn about Guilford’s Trains and Depots, Shoreline Greenway Trails, and the Trolley Museum.

Town meetings broadcast this week, along with other programs for which we have producer permission, will be uploaded to our YouTube channel on Sunday.  www.youtube.com/gctvguilford

New Content Available Online!

It’s Sunday which means GCTV just uploaded more new content to our YouTube channel.  Mark your calendars for the Small Business Symposium.  Check out their video for details.

Other uploads from this week include Park and Rec, BOS, BOE Bethel and more.

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